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Got a Spirited, but Unmotivated 😑 Child?


One of the most common complaints I hear from parents about their kids is, “why is he/she so unmotivated and lazy?”

Are you looking for help to motivate your children from zero drive to independent success?

My clients know all too well that distractions like social media, YouTube, video games, and Netflix only compound the problem.

I've got 5 tips for you so you can take a look at some mindset shifts and tools you can use to motivate your children.

Tip 1: Check yourself before you wreck yo…

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Press the Pause Button



Such a simple action and so powerful.

Your day might start great and then, all of the sudden, your kids start going nuts. Chaos reigns and you have no idea how things got so crazy so quickly. 

You want everyone to calm down and so you try to stay calm. You try to be in charge. But your kids won't listen.

So the only thing you know to do is to yell. 

Then your kids push back. Then you yell more.

And then they get even louder and before you know it, everyone is in their room, crying.…

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Five Tips to Help Your Children Manage the Excitement of the Holidays Even if they Have ADHD

Santa's coming! And for some moms that means fun, fun, fun!

And for the rest of us, it can mean anxiety over how our children will behave. With the added excitement, loaded to-do lists, more sugar, and less structure Santa's arrival means overstimulation for our kids.

Taking a moment to think of what our kids need during the holidays will pay off. This is Step Three (The Five Needs) in my 6-Step Plan.

The Five Needs are; Survival, Freedom, Love & Belonging, Power, and Fun.

two boys on bed pillow fight

Clearly state ex…

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