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How and Why Should We Avoid Competitive Parenting


In today’s era of social media frenzy, your children are growing up more competitive and addicted to approval than ever before. And, they are not alone, because a lot of moms are taking the lead in engaging in what’s called competitive parenting.

You didn't start holding your precious baby and think you were going to “win” at being a mom. Unfortunately, the traps of comparing yourself against the parenting styles of others (which is the basis of competitive parenting) are all too alluring to a…

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Halloween Candy...Houston, We Have a Problem

Part of parenthood is balancing what's "healthy" and letting "kids be kids." And Halloween seems to be the pinnacle of this. We want our kids to enjoy the candy they get from trick or treating but we don't want them to overdo it. Parenting tips about Halloween candy include:

  • talking about healthy choices
  • allowing your kids to trade candy for something they want (15 minutes extra iPad time)
  • store the candy (out of sight, out of mind)
  • be a role model of healthy eating (hahahahahaha)


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6 Good Parenting Techniques for Smart Phones



Have you noticed, maybe the last time you were at a park or kid-friendly space, all you saw were parents (with good intentions) with their eyes glued to their phones?

Or, when you were out having a nice family dinner at your favorite restaurant, did you notice that the entire family was on devices?

Obviously, living in the tech-addicted world we’re in, you may have found yourself spending way too much time on some type of device, or checking your phone as if your life depended on it. 😬

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6 Parenting Tips on Tech


Have you ever noticed, the last time you were at a park or kid-friendly space, all you can see are parents (with good parenting intentions) with their eyes glued to their phones?

Or, when you were out having a nice family dinner at your favorite restaurant, did you notice that the entire family is on devices?

Obviously, living in the digital age, we all find ourselves spending a lot of time on some type of device.

When it comes to digital technology, we are a part of a growing body of Ameri…

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What Is The Right Age for Your Kids to Have Cell Phones?


Do you ever wish you had a live-in IT professional?

Parenting today is vastly different from when we were kids. Technological advances from video game consoles to personal handheld devices have made it hard… no, impossible to keep up!

One of the biggest challenges with our children today, I believe, is smartphones and screens. It seems like every kid has almost constant access to screens.

You are not alone.

I love Google and as a parent coach, I like to find out what parents are thinking. I …

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Why Chores Are Absolutely Essential to Your Child's Development

My children are SPOILED!

I'm a parent coach and sometimes even I utter the words above. And when I do, I'm tempted to blame today's culture. But, if I want my children to be independent, happy, and self-sufficient adults, I need to focus on the things I can change.

If you are an American parent following parenting tips or parenting advice trends, you probably don’t require your children to do chores even though your parents expected it of you AND you think that children who do chores regularly…

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How to Calm Your Anxious Child


Do You have an anxious child?

Parents today are overwhelmed with worry.

One worry a lot of my clients tell me they have is how anxious their child is. Almost all of these clients are seriously considering appointments with an occupational therapist, talk or play therapists, a psychologist for psychological evaluation, a psychiatrist for medication, etc. for their child’s anxiety problems.

As a certified parent coach, former teacher, and seasoned mom, I help moms respond to their anxious child…

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5 Parenting Skills You Need to Avoid Burnout


Are you eternally exhausted from your day-to-day activities? Do your parenting skills consist of exasperated grunts or impatient sighs? You’re not alone!

You are experiencing the beginning stages of parenting burnout which can get pretty ugly if not dealt with straight away.

You are at your wit's end, and everything little thing can get the best of you. You may feel like the loneliest mom or dad in the world because you were the only ones who had little monsters instead little babies.


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10 Resolutions To Tame Angry, Defiant Children

  • Do you wonder why your child is so angry? 
  • Do you avoid saying "no" because you don't want the meltdown?
  • Do you end up yelling because you didn't say "no" and then feeling guilty about it?

You can make a change that will make a HUGE difference in your family this year by focusing on ONE of the following "resolutions" to help you avoid having angry and disrespectful children all in the spirit of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

The following resolutions are NOT so you …

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Five Tips to Help Your Children Manage the Excitement of the Holidays Even if they Have ADHD

Santa's coming! And for some moms that means fun, fun, fun!

And for the rest of us, it can mean anxiety over how our children will behave. With the added excitement, loaded to-do lists, more sugar, and less structure Santa's arrival means overstimulation for our kids.

Taking a moment to think of what our kids need during the holidays will pay off. This is Step Three (The Five Needs) in my 6-Step Plan.

The Five Needs are; Survival, Freedom, Love & Belonging, Power, and Fun.

two boys on bed pillow fight

Clearly state expectations…

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