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How and Why Should We Avoid Competitive Parenting


In today’s era of social media frenzy, our children are growing up more competitive and addicted to approval than ever before. And, they are not alone, because we, as moms, are taking the lead in engaging in what’s called competitive parenting.

None of us start hold our precious baby and think we’re going to “win” at being a mom. Unfortunately, the traps of comparing ourselves against the parenting styles of others (which is the basis of competitive parenting)...

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Why Play is Essential


Play can be a powerful way to defend against the emotional wear of our daily lives on our bodies and minds. So why don't we do it?

Culturally, we've been taught that we need to work, work hard, and work harder than everyone else. In today's 24/7 work culture, we feel "busted" if we are watching TV or resting, napping, or goofing off.

Maybe we learned this from our own parents or other important people in our lives.

I encourage you to reflect on this and then allow awareness in your...

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Emotions are Contagious


And anxiety is probably the most contagious emotion there is.

Self-care during this pandemic can seem frivolous. 

It's not.

In order for moms to be the most effective we can be, we have to be as well-rested as possible and as calm as possible. Not all the time. But at least in general. One way to help us be our best selves is to practice self-care.

And what a great model we are for our sons and daughters when they see us setting limits and boundaries so we can practice self-care. That...

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Press the Pause Button



Such a simple word but also so powerful.

And I don't think moms use it enough.

When our kids are going nuts and things are chaotic, often what we really need to do is to press a pause button. But, instead, we often get nuts with the kids and start yelling. Then they push back. Then we yell more. And then they get even louder and before we know it, everyone's crying in their rooms. UGH.

I made something for you to help. A pause button. 


We all need one from...

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How to Deal with an Angry Child


Mom using megaphone to yell at her teen daughter, the opposite of calm parenting

How to handle angry children is one of the most popular questions I get asked.

But calming an angry child is not just about saying: "Can you take a few breaths and calm down?" "I'm ready to listen when you are calm." "I know you're upset, we can talk about it when you are calm."

Those are fine, sure. But do they work in the heat of the moment?


And when it doesn't, why not?

Because emotions are contagious. And if we are upset It's nearly impossible for us to yell our children into...

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My Angry Teen, a Love Story. Sort of. Not Really.


My 15 YO has been waking up late and not doing her morning chores. My angry child wants to make it about me. Which used to make me do this:

This is the old me. Shouting at my angry child who doesn't want to, and actually cannot, listen to me.

I would remind. Then I'd explain (lecture). Then I'd nag. Then I'd guilt. Then I'd yell.

It was exhausting.

And it didn't change my angry child's behavior (misbehavior). I had to do something different.

Here's what I did:

I didn't say anything.


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Angry Child? 10 Resolutions To Tame Angry, Defiant Children

  • Are you dealing with an angry child? 
  • Do you avoid saying "no" because you don't know how to deal with an angry child?
  • Do you want help taming your defiant child?

It's February and it's likely that your New Year's Resolutions are forgotten. Here are 10 resolutions for you to use to help you avoid having angry and disrespectful children all in the spirit of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

The following resolutions are NOT so you will try to do all of them. NO! Just...

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What's the Matter with Kids Today?

Screenshot 2020-02-03 18.43.16.png

I was a theater kid. One big school play was Bye Bye Birdie. I was part of the chorus (hey, I never said I was a star). The male lead was my (recent) ex-boyfriend and I was part of the group of girls who were swooning over him on stage. BLEH!

Anyway, one of my favorite songs of the entire production is "Kids!"

I hope you took a couple of minutes to see the whole song! As fun as that song is, and as familiar as some of the sentiments, I will say that parents aren't wrong to lament about the...

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The SMART Way to Budget this Holiday Season

First, the good news: 65% of Americans set a budget for the holidays.

Ryan Gossling clapping gif

But 77% expect to bust it.

emoji "wow"

I've got parenting tips for you on how to stay in your budget. And I'll give you parenting help in the form of WHY you should use self-discipline when it comes to the holiday budget you set. All you have to do to is be SMARTwhen it comes to your holiday budget.


Be specific in your budget. VERY specific.

Instead of "Let's spend less than we did last year." Say "Let's spend $xxx this year."...

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Manners for Kids by Thanksgiving in 5 Simple Steps

Don't let your Thanksgiving be a Griswold Thanksgiving!
What will my mother-in-law complain about this year?

I dread the fight about why we don't have chicken fingers on Thanksgiving.

Why is it alwaysmy kid who creates chaos during family get-togethers?
Want parenting help for teaching your kids manners (before the relatives come)?

You can check out Emily Post(she's still got it) for a modern approach to manners. She's always a favorite. But if you need help NOW, I've got some parenting tips for...

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