"OMG I sound just like my mother..."   

You don't want to yell, punish, or spank like your parents did.

You want to have the kind of relationship with your spirited child that you wished your parents could have had with you.

There is a better way.

Let me show you how.

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"Susan has really given us the right language and tools to set boundaries, focus on our relationship, and have an overall happier family life."

~ Anna Morgan, Marietta, GA

Remove this ONE word from your vocabulary to get your spirited child to do what you say the first time without yelling.

You don't want to yell.

You try to be calm but your spirited child can be so disrespectful. Your parents would never have put up with what you have to put up with.

Your children won't listen.

You feel like you're failing as a mom.

The pressure builds and builds and then ...

you explode.

You swore you would never do this to your children.

  • You try to be a calm mom
  • Your children ignore you
  • You are tired of all the fighting
    • You want a good relationship with your children
    • You want them to do what you say
    • You just want everyone to be happy

There is a better way. 

Imagine: Calm mornings, happy, confident children, and a deep connection that will last (even through the teen years).


You will know how to speak to your children so they listen the first time.


You will learn how to apply leadership skills at home so your remain in control without being controlling.


Your relationship with your children will be better than ever before, just like you want.

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"My exceptionally gifted daughter struggled with motivation and friendships. Susan provides the support and tools I need to help my daughter succeed in school and develop empathy with her peers."


-Teri Armijo Booth
Real Estate Broker and Mom

The Plan

1. Schedule a Free Call

You will share about your family and learn how I can help you get the respect you deserve without damaging your relationship with your children.

2. Learn a Better Way to Parent

You will learn to identify & meet the needs of your children so you don't have to yell to get your children to listen or punish to correct misbehavior.

3. Have a Great Relationship

You are calm, confident, & relaxed. You respected by your children. Everyone is happier and you have a better relationship with your children.

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I believe there is a better way to parent.

For too long, "respect" meant children who were "seen and not heard" because they were truly afraid of their parents. You don't have to lecture, yell, or punish to have children who respect you. There is a better way.

I was raised by a single mom who did the best she could with what she had. There were good times. But there were dark times, too.

When I found myself yelling at my kids, I felt like I had failed. I was doing the exact thing I swore I'd never do; yell and punish to get my kids to behave.

And it wasn't working. Worse, I could tell it was damaging my relationship with my children; they were afraid of my anger just like I was afraid of my parents' anger when I was young.

I knew something needed to change.

So, I created a simple yet powerful parenting plan that helped me handle my children's misbehavior without yelling or punishments.

Ever have days when being a mom is so overwhelming that all you want to do is veg-out and watch Netflix (but you wouldn't be able to enjoy that because you'd be worried you're not being available to your kids)?  

Me, too.

And every time I saw a friend's Facebook post featuring their gorgeous family, I felt like I was falling short. I worried "Would I have a good relationship with my kids in the future?"

You, too?

Today, I am confident in my parenting and in the great relationship I have with my kids.

I want that for you, too.

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Praise for "The Parent Whisperer"

Susan Morley

“Thank you—your technique appears to have worked, and on the very first night, no less. We had one evening of tantrumming for about 45 minutes, and ever since then, it's been MUCH more manageable. Is there negotiating? Yes. There is a lot of "mommy staaaayyyyyy!" But the expectation of a prize seems to be gone. THANK YOU so much for your help. You really helped my family dig ourselves out of the prize hole!”

Decatur, GA

Susan Morley

“I will send Susan many “SOS” emails or text messages when my daughter is causing a ruckus at home or at school. Susan will respond and talk me off the ledge before I behead said child. She does not nickel and dime you with charges for these morsels of advice she hands out on the fly-she charges very reasonably. If anything I think she should charge me more for having to repeat herself to me all the time! ”

Pheonix, AZ

Break the Cycle of Yelling and Punishments.

Earn the respect of your children and enjoy a great relationship with them.

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