Working With Susan


You can enjoy a family environment that fosters individual growth and family connection while ending negative generational parenting patterns.



Do You Want Your Child To Feel Loved And Supported While Preparing Them For Adulthood?

Of Course You Do.  

You never thought being a mom would be THIS hard. You truly are doing your best yet you sometimes feel like you're failing as a mom.
But nobody taught you how to parent a strong-willed child who can manage in a world of high anxiety and stress (and no, old-fashioned parenting won't work with today's kids).
  • Yes, your child can listen the first time.
  • Yes, you can feel confident that your child will behave.
  • Yes, you can relax and trust that you're raising kids who will become happy, independent adults. 

Important Question

For Exhausted Moms Who Want to Enjoy Their Strong-Willed Children

What If There Was a Worry-Free Way to Parent Your Child without Leaving You Exhausted at the End (or Middle) of Each Day?
Would You Finally Feel Confident Enough to Move from Being "Strict Mom" and Focusing on every.little.thing to Being Relaxed Enough so That You Can Have Fun with Your Child and Enjoy Family Time?

I See You

  • you love your child so much that sometimes you can actually feel your heart expanding
  • you get resentful when others judge your parenting and assume you don't know how to parent your own child
  • you feel frustrated when friends or family gives one-size-fits-all "advice" that you know just isn't going to work for your child, they just don't understand what you are dealing with
  • you feel worried when others create panic about your child that makes you feel like you're not doing something right
  • your heart breaks when you see others judge your child for behaviors you know they can't control
  • your heart breaks because you can see what others don't; one day your spirited child is going to change the world with their gifts

You are a good mom who wants to get it right.

You've tried everything to stay calm and convince your child to listen but you still yell sometimes.

You're ready for specific and personalized non-judgmental advice and support from someone who's "been there" delivered with understanding and even a little humor so you can relax and enjoy your kids.

You want someone who is available to help you when things get tough, not just every other Wednesday at 3 pm.

Hi, I'm Susan Morley

I help moms parent with confidence. 
As a single mom who yelled to try to contontrol my kids, I felt like I was failing. 

Something had to change.

I created a simple yet powerful parenting plan that helped me be in control without being controlling. 


Things can be better. 

Let's create a plan, tailored to your family's schedule and needs, so you can feel relaxed and enjoy your kids. 
  • Susan Morley Coaching

    “Susan is helping me change my attitude to a Love and Leadership, rather than being a ‘servant’ to my kids. My marriage has become center stage, and another wonderful bonus, my kids are worrying more than I am, wow!! Having someone to ‘coach’ me through particular situations helps me change my thought process.”

    Atlanta, GA

  • Susan Morley Coaching

    “It was amazing what I learned from her in that hour about my parenting skills and the things I could work on to change the dynamic of our home. She was not judgmental, but able to very constructively critique some things I needed to do a little differently while also telling me to take care of myself and my husband before our kids! Things you don’t usually hear in this day and age. When I am able to afford it, I will use her more often. I could have talked to her every week if I was able to, it was THAT good.”

    Columbus, OH

  • Susan Morley Coaching

    “Susan has really given us the right language and tools to set boundaries, focus on our relationship, and have an overall happier family life.”

    Marietta, GA

What Happens When You Hire Susan?

results include but are not limited to

Clearly See Next Steps to Reach Goals

You want clear, specific direction so you know exactly how to talk to your child so they listen to you the first time.

Get On The Same Page With Your Partner 

No more arguing with your partner about discipline. You'll finally be on the same page with your partner. 

Feel Calmer

You will no longer need to yell, threaten, or bribe your child to do chores or homework because your children will know they will be held accountable.

Meet Your Child's Needs

Your child will feel heard and understood even when you say "no" or when they don't get their way. And you'll feel like you've finally "got" this parenting thing (and that feels wonderful)!

More Fun With Family

Because you're more relaxed and you trust that you and your parenting partner are on the same page, you'll enjoy family outings, dinners out, and family vacations more than ever.

New Tools in Your Parenting Toolbox

You'll use the Six Steps Method with support from Susan and you'll have access to over 10-years worth of tips, tricks, and other methods that you'll use even after coaching ends.

The Next Steps

Things will get better but only if you take action.

Schedule Your Free Call With Susan 📱

You will have time to talk about your biggest parenting issues with Susan and identify which of the parenting coaching packages below is the best fit for your family.

Feel Hopeful 💖

You will look forward to making changes in your family so your strong-willed child feels loved unconditionally and you and your partner will feel closer as you'll be on the same page.

Relax 😊

Because you can have Susan's ongoing support via email, ,text and video chats between coaching sessions, you won't feel like you're failing as a mom anymore and your child will be so much happier.

End Negative Parenting Patterns and Be The Parent Your Child Needs

Coaching Is Less Expensive Than Long-Term Therapy

When you work with Susan you get more than solutions that work. You get ongoing support (between sessions and even after hours and weekends) exactly when you need help from someone who knows you, how you like to be supported, and what you need to hear so you can make better decisions and deepen your relationship with your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions parents most frequently ask:

Shouldn't I Be Able to Figure This Out On My Own?

So many moms think parenting is supposed to be a struggle -- they don't get help or get the correct strategies because they think they need to handle it by themselves, and they're afraid that getting help means that they're failing as a mom.

They think the struggle needs to be part of the process.

Well let me tell you something -- you don't need to do this alone.

You will be more relaxed and have more energy when you stop the power struggles with your child because you'll have a solid strategy and support from a coach who has helped many other moms like yourself for over 10 years (that's me!).
So if that feeling of you need to do it "on your own" has been holding you back from knowing how to enjoy your child, it's time to let that go and book a call today!

My Parenting Partner Won't Go For This.

I hear different versions of this one a lot. But the truth is, it's not about your parenting partner.

Yes, it would be so much easier if you and your parenting partner were on the same page but that's just not realistic for all families.

You each grew up in different households and are now in one household with a strong-willed child who exhausts you.

You may not even be able to spend time with your parenting partner because you're so exhausted by the end of the day you fall asleep while reading bedtime stories.

And you know what? Waiting for your parenting partner to join you for coaching is costing you the time and energy that you could be spending together (without the kids). Although I welcome both parents to participate in sessions, it is not a requirement.

Changes made by one parent are sufficient enough to create positive, lasting change.

And one thing I see time after time is when one parent makes positive changes, the other parent will adopt those positive changes as well. Start making positive changes by scheduling a call today.

I'm Not Ready To Hire Someone...Maybe I'll Wait To See If Things Get Better

Look - - this is a program that does involve a financial investment but as a result, you'll get a LOT of personalized support and parenting solutions. The moms who get the fastest and longest-lasting results are ones who reach out and get my support frequently (even daily!). The more you get support, the more value you will get from one of my programs. You can have me with you, holding your hand in every step of parenting and that is something that therapists can't do.

You're actually going to save yourself so much time and energy using my parenting strategies that you will have time to relax because your child will be more independent and well-behaved.

This is an investment that will pay off and continue to pay off even after the program. Previous clients have reported they're still using the strategies with their teens and older children (and even with their grandkids) and that the relationships with their kids keep growing deeper even as their kids get older.
If the fear of investing in your family was holding you back but now you're ready to have a better relationship with your kids, schedule a call with me now. 

I'm Not Ready To Hire Someone...Maybe I'll Wait To See If Things Get Better

Can I be honest?? This is my favorite excuse to help you overcome. Most of you are currently "overworking" yourself in your family BECAUSE you don't have the correct structure. After all, you never intended to be the mom of a child who refuses to listen, sasses you, hits other children, fights you over every.little.thing --- but now that you are, you want things to be different.

You're going in a million different directions at once and your time tends to get sucked up by power struggles. You think you need your child to change (or your partner needs to change) but that's not what is actually going to help you have more time and energy to enjoy your family.

Working with a trained parenting coach will help you save time and energy because it puts you in charge of changing the one thing you do have control over, YOU.