Terms and conditions

Hey, before we get started, I want to be sure we're on the same page. My coaching services are intended to promote developmentally appropriate, evidence-based skills and are not intended to replace physician, psychological, or psychiatric care or medical intervention. All assessments, suggestions and/or consultations on parenting and child development are based on your input and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diagnosed issue or behavior. All assessments, suggestions and/or consultations about making changes toward health including around behavior, diet, and/or substance use are based on your input and desire for making changes and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diagnosed issue or behavior.


I am not a therapist or psychologist. Please be aware that in the state of Georgia, one must be licensed to provide a diagnosis or practice therapy. Therefore, I will not provide therapy, counseling, or diagnostic services. My clients should always consult a licensed professional for those services listed above.

Consult your current professionals

You understand that if you are under the care of or begin the care of a therapist or other licensed professional, you acknowledge and agree to accept all responsibility for reviewing coaching suggestions with a licensed professional before following said suggestions.

Inherent Risks & Responsibility

As with any program, there may exist inherent risks that may be relative to state of health, awareness, care, and skill to which you conduct yourself. You agree that it is your responsibility to inquire about any recommendations with which you are not familiar and provide any information which may limit your participation.

Results & Changes

Results and changes for yourself or for your family may vary depending on medical conditions, medications, family systems, and accuracy in following suggested guidelines.

Discuss with Your Child's Doctor/Medications

Coaching: As your general behavior and wellness may change with modifications in parenting, nutrition, and/or lifestyle, physician-prescribed medications may require modification. It is your responsibility to discuss this with your physician. Never reduce or eliminate physician-prescribed medications without the direction of your physician or medical care provider.


Your personal and health information will remain confidential and will not be shared without your consent.

Right to Refuse Services

Susan L Morley reserves the right to refuse services to any individual.

Acknowledgment & Consent to Receive Services:

I have read and I understand the above disclosure about coaching services offered by Susan L Morley. I have discussed with Susan the nature of the services to be provided. I understand that Susan L Morley is not a licensed therapist and that coaching services are not licensed by the state, medically authorized, nor sponsored by any licensing bodies. I understand it is my responsibility to maintain a relationship for myself/my child with a medical doctor or a licensed health provider. I have consented to use the services offered by Susan L Morley, and agree to be personally responsible for the fees in connection with the services provided to me.


By continuing, you agree to the above terms and conditions for participation in coaching with Susan L Morley.