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10 Resolutions To Tame Angry, Defiant Children

  • Do you wonder why your child is so angry? 
  • Do you avoid saying "no" because you don't want the meltdown?
  • Do you end up yelling because you didn't say "no" and then feeling guilty about it?

You can make a change that will make a HUGE difference in your family this year by focusing on ONE of the following "resolutions" to help you avoid having angry and disrespectful children all in the spirit of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

The following resolutions are NOT so you …

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Five Tips to Help Your Children Manage the Excitement of the Holidays Even if they Have ADHD

Santa's coming! And for some moms that means fun, fun, fun!

And for the rest of us, it can mean anxiety over how our children will behave. With the added excitement, loaded to-do lists, more sugar, and less structure Santa's arrival means overstimulation for our kids.

Taking a moment to think of what our kids need during the holidays will pay off. This is Step Three (The Five Needs) in my 6-Step Plan.

The Five Needs are; Survival, Freedom, Love & Belonging, Power, and Fun.

two boys on bed pillow fight

Clearly state expectations…

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Press the Pause Button



Such a simple action and so powerful.

Your day might start great and then, all of the sudden, your kids start going nuts. Chaos reigns and you have no idea how things got so crazy so quickly. 

You want everyone to calm down and so you try to stay calm. You try to be in charge. But your kids won't listen.

So the only thing you know to do is to yell. 

Then your kids push back. Then you yell more.

And then they get even louder and before you know it, everyone is in their room, crying.…

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How to Deal with an Angry Child


Mom using megaphone to yell at her teen daughter, the opposite of calm parenting

How to handle angry children is one of the most popular questions I get asked.

But calming an angry child is not just about saying: "Can you take a few breaths and calm down?" "I'm ready to listen when you are calm." "I know you're upset, we can talk about it when you are calm."

Those are fine, sure. But do they work in the heat of the moment?


And when it doesn't, why not?

Because emotions are contagious. And if we are upset It's nearly impossible for us to yell our children in…

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Think You Give Consequences Correctly? Read This.


If you are a mom or dad of multiple children, you may already know this; even if you don’t, you may have noticed it in your nieces, nephews, or your friends’ kids…

There is no parenting tip blueprint showing how to give effective rewards or consequences.

Every child needs his own individual and personalized plan to incentivize him, behave in a certain way, or do what you say. So, what gives?

“The Gift of Failure” by Jessica Lahey inspired me to write this post.

I want to begin with t…

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10 Good Parenting Ways to Nurture Confident Kids


More than the academics and more than excelling in school plays, sports, and their dance recitals, I had a dream of raising and nurturing confident kids before I even planned to have any children. I always knew that children need a strong sense of self and an attitude that they are more than capable for them to become successful later on in their life. But, knowing this is only a healthy start to a long journey to cultivating a next generation that is self-assured and capable of persevering thro…

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How Our Parenting Style Creates Perfectionism in Our Children


Let’s face it. Our children face double standards daily. “Do as I say, not as I do” is the message we are giving them with most of our parenting styles. We want our kids to excel in school, sports, and activities yet we know that kids should be encouraged to relax and just be kids. As parents, we see perfect families on holiday cards, Facebook, and Instagram.

Whether we realize it or not, that can affect how we push our children to do well. Maybe even too well.

How can parents balance the desi…

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7 Key Areas of Childhood Development


Child development is one of the hottest topics we, as parents, want to learn more about as soon as our kids are born. In this series, we will look at a child’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and motor growth, language and communication, and behavioral development.

With a good understanding of cognitive or intellectual development, we are looking at how our kids learn, solve problems, and retain memory. With the understanding and knowledge of the different ways our children learn to think, rea…

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5 Ways to Instill Positive Discipline

Let’s face it, typical discipline for your spirited child is no fun at all, neither for the child or the parent. It’s scary for your child and you, as the parent, are overwhelmed by the end of it in guilt and frustration.

But what is the right way of disciplining your kids? There are about as many blogs and opinions about how to instill positive discipline as there are blogs on crockpot recipes. So, what do you do?

As a mom and a coach, I want to let you know that the best way is to keep it …

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Got a Spirited, but Unmotivated 😑 Child?


One of the most common complaints I hear from parents about their kids is, “why is he/she so unmotivated and lazy?”

Are you looking for help to motivate your children from zero drive to independent success?

My clients know all too well that distractions like social media, YouTube, video games, and Netflix only compound the problem.

I've got 5 tips for you so you can take a look at some mindset shifts and tools you can use to motivate your children.

Tip 1: Check yourself before you wreck yo…

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