Emotions are Contagious


And anxiety is probably the most contagious emotion there is.

Self-care during this pandemic can seem frivolous. 

It's not.

In order for moms to be the most effective we can be, we have to be as well-rested as possible and as calm as possible. Not all the time. But at least in general. One way to help us be our best selves is to practice self-care.

And what a great model we are for our sons and daughters when they see us setting limits and boundaries so we can practice self-care. That not only provides them a model to do the same, but they will respect their future partners' boundaries! 

The next time you notice your child is "acting out" I want you to look at "the mom in the mirror." Ask yourself

How am I feeling? What's my emotional temperature? How do I feel right now?

If you're feeling upset or anxious, it's at least possible your child's behavior is a reflection of your emotional state.

This does NOT mean it's your fault!

This means that you have some control. You can control how you act. And a great place to start is to become calm yourself.

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