What is in Fashion for Moms?

Moms are into fashion.

Nope, not talking about Mom Jeans...


Isn't it crazy to see the youngsters wearing these...for real?

Not that kind of fashion.

I'm talking about what is fashionable in "mothering."

Here's what I mean: I'm part of a (fantastic) group of moms in my neighborhood who support each other. A member of the group posted an Atlantic article entitled "The Dangers of Distracted Parenting." There were 31 comments and counting by Noon. I think this hit a nerve because today's moms are questioning "fashionable" mom trends that fall under the "How to be a mom and still have a life" category:

  • Capturing moments of our children's childhood (and ignoring our husband while sorting through 50 photographs of a Kodak moment at the playground to post on social media...but not actually able to tell said husband about your day because there is not much memory of actually watching the kids play except what you saw through the lens of an iPhone).
  • Pinterest (what started as a great way to get ideas became just one more way for us to fall short and feel like a failure #PinterestFail)
  • Working from home (after a year into the pandemic we already have our Reality Check.)

What parenting fashion "rule" will you ignore?



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