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Hi I'm Susan, The Mom Coach

If you're reading this, chances are being a mom isn't quite what you thought it would be. Do you find yourself:

1. Constantly asking your child questions (interrogating your child over everything)?

2. Allowing your child to interrupt adult conversations, including answering every text even if you're with friends or at the movies?

3. Negotiating with your child over every little thing (even after you've said "no")?

I can help.

Over the last 9 years of working with moms just like you, I've found that my most successful clients love their children enough to set and enforce healthy boundaries.

As a mom and a coach, I know this is a tall order - which is why I gave up being a school teacher to helps moms unlock their authentic parenting style and transform their families.

Every single one of my clients is a loving, caring parent. And what they are doing just isn't working anymore. My goal is to identify and build upon your parenting strengths, boost your confidence, and create lasting change.

Being a mom doesn't have to be the hardest thing you've ever done.

Let me show you how.
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I've Been Called "The Parent Whisperer". Here's Why:

  • I asked Susan for help and she immediately went into action. She is kind and thoughtful and above all has the patience of someone who only has one thing to focus! She listened to me intently and at the end of that hour I had a plan! I felt relieved, relaxed and hopeful. I am forever grateful to Susan!!!

    K.S. Los Angeles, CA
  • Amazing! Susan is the real parent “whisperer.” She possesses both the knowledge and the ability to transfer it–explain, teach, practice, and reinforce. Her coaching has made a huge impact on my parenting skills and, consequently, on my business as well. Strongly recommend her services!

    M.S. Brooklyn, NY
  • It was so nice and refreshing to talk to you today! Thank you so much for the time you took with me and the suggestions you gave! It gives me hope that we can turn things around and help Bob be successful in school! I’ve already ordered a really neat magnetic chore chart and ready to start exercising those “listening and following directions” muscles!

    A.M. Dallas, TX
  • This is why I think you are pretty much one of the coolest people around... so simple straightforward spelled out clearly achievable

    A.B. Decatur, GA
  • Susan is helping me change my attitude to a Love and Leadership, rather than being a ‘servant’ to my kids. My marriage has become center stage, and another wonderful bonus, my kids are worrying more than I am, wow!! Having someone to ‘coach’ me through particular situations helps me change my thought process.

    C.F. Atlanta, GA
  • So for 2 nights in a row, George has taken off his PJ pants and diaper before he fell asleep. Last night around 1 am, I went in and put a diaper on him. I noticed that the bed was dry and so was the diaper he had taken off. Which means he was dry from about 7:30pm until 1:00 am. Anyway, tonight I had my husband go up and put a pair of regular little boy underwear on him about 30 minutes after he took the diaper off... he fell asleep almost immediately after that. Thanks for the suggestion to use underwear.

    J.S. Tucker, GA
  • It was amazing what I learned from her in that hour about my parenting skills and the things I could work on to change the dynamic of our home. She was not judgmental, but able to very constructively critique some things I needed to do a little differently while also telling me to take care of myself and my husband before our kids! Things you don’t usually hear in this day and age. When I am able to afford it, I will use her more often. I could have talked to her every week if I was able to, it was THAT good.

    N.E. Columbus, OH
  • Susan gives parents the tools they need to lead and communicate more effectively with their children, while bringing about peace to the household. I would highly recommend taking her classes!

    J.C. Tucker, GA

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