Create a Study Space in 3 Easy Steps


Back to School is here and parenting advice is everywhere. Moms want to know about the most effective parenting tips so their children will have a great year. Creating a study space for your child is top on the list of things to do! Luckily, I have done some research and have parenting advice for you right here!

Step 1

Get your child involved. You may crave total silence and a formal work area and work best late at night. But your kid may be very different. If you find your child reading books upside down on the couch and you cannot figure out how she can focus, then that gives you a clue that you need to ask her how she learns best. Even if she's young, she will give you ideas about what she needs to do her best work.

Step 2

Select work area/accessories. You may love your boho decorating style but your kid might need things bright and minimalistic. Your soft lighting, extra comfy chair, and antique desk might create distractions for a child who craves bright light, clean work area, and lots of quiet. So, you don't really need parenting advice, you need your kids to tell you what works for them!

Step 3

Communicate expectations. Time for a family meeting! If you are able and willing to answer all the questions, let you child know that. If you, like me, are hopeless with math past the 5th grade, let your kid know that she's on her own (don't worry, homework is practice). I mean have you SEEN Common Core Math??? You also may need to let your child's teacher know your expectations. If you are going to place a time limit on homework, tell the teacher! Nip potential problems in the bud to ensure a smooth year and help eliminate homework hassles!

Want a checklist and more detail? Click HERE to download the worksheet, The Simple Way to Create a Study Space.



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