Friday Night Feels

This is a video talk show that focuses on a variety of wellness related issues such as mental health, addiction, health concerns, stress management, anger management, relationship struggles, mindfulness, and much more.
Patrick and Susan discuss current parenting struggles in a real, uncensored video podcast.


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Myers DETOX Podcast: Parenting During a Pandemic

On Wendy Myers' Myers Detox Podcast Susan discusses: 

  • How to manage the social and emotional well-being of little ones, elementary kids, tweens, and teens.
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty (and even feel good) about screen time at this moment.
  • How we can best create boundaries and family routines and rules.
  • Tips on discipline.
  • How a parent can handle children who are angry and agitated.
  • Susan's Parenting During a Pandemic Course.

Wendy has created a free Coronavirus Support Series that I hope you'll check out.

Emily Halevy's Town Hall:  Parenting During a Pandemic

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Breakdown of topics (click for link to video clip):

Click below to access a list of resources compiled by the panel. 


* Topics Susan addresses

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Decatur Parents Network: Parenting During a Pandemic

Susan joins a panel of local professionals to discuss Parenting During a Pandemic.

Topics include:

  • The importance of socialization for teens
  • Staying healthy at home
  • School-at-home planning/organization/scheduling
  • Why exercise/outside time is essential
  • Emotional regulation; how to talk with your children about the pandemic

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Click below to access a list of resources compiled by the panel. 


The Jim Paisley Podcast

Susan Morley is the "Parent Whisperer," and in this episode you'll know why.

Susan is a mom, former teacher, wife, and supreme parenting coach. Susan has been regularly featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta, 11 Alive's Atlanta and Company, featured blogger, and the savior for many of my own parenting woes.

Susan guides us through the stages of growth for our children, gives us real tools to use, and one of my biggest takeaways: the well behaved and disciplined kids are the happy ones. 


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GlobalcastMD: Childhood Obesity

I was thrilled to participate in Globalcast MD’s webinar about childhood obesity. 

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