Online school is too stressful.

My kids are miserable.

Digital Learning is soul-sucking.

I'm failing at everything.

It's not you. 

Nobody showed you how to manage work + online school during a pandemic. 

Until now.

Join MomTribe's Parenting During a Pandemic today.

A proven approach

Step-by-step advice that has helped 200+ families thrive during the pandemic:

  • School-from-Home (stop trying to homeschool!)
  • Working with Small Children at Home (the one thing you need to change to make it work)
  • Screen-Time Adjustments (time for a reality check)
  • Expert interviews and panels
  • And more...

in other words, this course will make being a mom during this pandemic easier.



Action starts with the right mindset. We get you in the correct head-space from the start.

 Step-by-step guides

No cutsey fluff. This course focuses on delivering results in easy to follow steps.


Useful resources

The course is updated regularly with new and improved resources including recorded group coaching calls.

Group Coaching

Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also particpate in monthly group coaching calls. All calls are recorded so you have 24/7 access!

MomTribe Community

Join today for Course Content + Group Coaching AND you also become part of our vibrant community - who are here to help and support you on your journey!

  • Susan Morley

    “I applied some of the lessons today. Using the resources you gave to me, My 7 and 5 year olds helped me plan our first school at home experience yesterday and we did it today. They said it was better than regular school😂.
    We set up in the palor, we wrote how we feel in our journals, we learnt telling time and spelling of shapes, we exercised, ate some snacks, read about rabbits and then watched a fun video from pinkfong.
    Very successful 😁”

  • Susan Morley

    “Susan gives parents the tools they need to lead and communicate more effectively with their children, while bringing about peace to the household. I would highly recommend taking her classes!”

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How Long Does it Take to See Results

You'll see results right away! After applying the step-by-step instructions, you'll start seeing results and things will continue to get better.

What if it Doesn't Work for Me?

If you've put in the work and things aren't better, email me at within 15 days for a free coaching call to see how I can help. If it doesn't work after that, I'll refund your money.

What if I Don't Have Much Time to Spend on This Right Now?

This self-paced course is designed for busy moms. You can access the course and all its resources 24/7. 

Will it Be a Good Fit for Me?

This course is designed for the mom who wants her children to be happy. If you worry you're not doing enough to provide what your children need during this pandemic, this course is for you.