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Step 5 Family Meetings (Communication)

Five Tips to Help Your Children Manage the Excitement of the Holidays Even if they Have ADHD

Santa's coming! And for some moms that means fun, fun, fun!

And for the rest of us, it can mean anxiety over how our children will behave. With the added excitement, loaded to-do lists, more sugar, and less structure Santa's arrival means overstimulation for our kids.

Taking a moment to think of what our kids need during the holidays will pay off. This is Step Three (The Five Needs) in my 6-Step Plan.

The Five Needs are; Survival, Freedom, Love & Belonging, Power, and Fun.

two boys on bed pillow fight

Clearly state ex…

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ADHD or Sleep Deprivation?


Does Your Spirited Child Have ADHD or Are They Sleep Deprived?

If you are worried your spirited child may have ADHD because they child run around, ignore requests, cries or gets very upset easily, is aggressive, and their teacher complains of "lack of focus" at school, I want you to keep reading.

Before you talk to the teacher and start the process of assessment, I have a quick and easy way to determine if that is the next right step for your family.


As you can see from the chart above, there ar…

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