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Step 2 Mission & Vision (goals, legacy, dreams)

Teen Troubles Tamed!


A lot of moms ask for parenting help with their teens. What worked when their kids were younger no longer works for teens. And they don't want to make the same mistakes their parents made with them.

Why is it so hard to parent teens?

As moms, we are still influential but our influence wanes. Teens naturally rebel and they really need a lot of freedom. And with the stress teens face today, they have a larger need for fun, too. Plus, being an adolescent is super stressful. It feels like nobody u…

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Avoid Fighting with Your Defiant and Disrespectful Child?


When you dreamed about having children there are many realities that you just didn't know about, even if you used to look at other parents and say "Oh, my kids will never do that..."


That's why I tell my clients that a Mission Statement and a Vision are so important. No, it won't prevent all problems but it will give you a sense of direction when things go awry.

For example, at some point in our parenting, we will hear some version of:

You can’t make me.

At that point, moms…

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What is in Fashion for Moms?

Moms are into fashion.

Nope, not talking about Mom Jeans...


Isn't it crazy to see the youngsters wearing these...for real?

Not that kind of fashion.

I'm talking about what is fashionable in "mothering."

Here's what I mean: I'm part of a (fantastic) group of moms in my neighborhood who support each other. A member of the group posted an Atlantic article entitled "The Dangers of Distracted Parenting." There were 31 comments and counting by Noon. I think this hit a nerve beca…

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The Perfect Age for Smart Phones

Parents want parenting advice on when their child should get a smartphone.
I used to say kids should have the cell phones THEY can afford. If they can afford to purchase and pay for a smartphone, then by all means, they should have one. My assumption is that if a 10-year-old can afford an $800+ phone and the $150/month bill to pay for that phone, he will also have enough self-discipline and emotional regulation that he won't spend all day looking at free porn.

But that's me. And to be comp…

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How and Why Should We Avoid Competitive Parenting


In today’s era of social media frenzy, our children are growing up more competitive and addicted to approval than ever before. And, they are not alone, because we, as moms, are taking the lead in engaging in what’s called competitive parenting.

None of us start hold our precious baby and think we’re going to “win” at being a mom. Unfortunately, the traps of comparing ourselves against the parenting styles of others (which is the basis of competitive parenting) are all too alluring to avoid.


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