Press the Pause Button



Such a simple action and so powerful.

Your day might start great and then, all of the sudden, your kids start going nuts. Chaos reigns and you have no idea how things got so crazy so quickly. 

You want everyone to calm down and so you try to stay calm. You try to be in charge. But your kids won't listen.

So the only thing you know to do is to yell. 

Then your kids push back. Then you yell more.

And then they get even louder and before you know it, everyone is in their room, crying.…

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What is in Fashion for Moms?

Moms are into fashion.

Nope, not talking about Mom Jeans...


Isn't it crazy to see the youngsters wearing these...for real?

Not that kind of fashion.

I'm talking about what is fashionable in "mothering."

Here's what I mean: I'm part of a (fantastic) group of moms in my neighborhood who support each other. A member of the group posted an Atlantic article entitled "The Dangers of Distracted Parenting." There were 31 comments and counting by Noon. I think this hit a nerve beca…

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