Why Play is Essential


Play can be a powerful way to defend against the emotional wear of our daily lives on our bodies and minds. So why don't we do it?

Culturally, we've been taught that we need to work, work hard, and work harder than everyone else. In today's 24/7 work culture, we feel "busted" if we are watching TV or resting, napping, or goofing off.

Maybe we learned this from our own parents or other important people in our lives.

I encourage you to reflect on this and then allow awareness in your parenting...do you "bust" your children for relaxing, goofing off, or playing?

But doing these rest and play activities are essential to humans. Play has always been an important part of being human. Even if we aren't offered a multi-million dollar contract to do it.

And when we play with each other, we are connecting. We're opening ourselves up to being vulnerable and we allow ourselves to trust each other. That allows for a deeper connection. And that deep connection will pay off, especially during the teen years.

When my teens asked to go on a Spring Break vacation with friends instead of with our family, the answer was a hard "no." 


Because the day-to-day life of a family is often not very fun. The hustle and bustle of life and work and school doesn't allow for a lot of deep connection. But vacation is different. We make time to rest, relax, and play. And since deep connection is formed during the activities done on vacation, there's no way I want my kids bonding with other families instead of our own! 

If my teens are invited on a vacation that is NOT instead of going with us, then the answer is "maybe" until I have more information. But never instead of a family vacation.

Vacation or weekends, it's okay to play just to play. No motive. No pay. No structure. No organizing. No prize. Just play.

What will you play today?