Atlanta & Company Segments

Keep the Kids Entertained
During Spring Break!

Lifestyle expert and mom coach Susan Morley shares fun and simple activities to keep the kids entertained during spring break!

Anti-Bullying Day with the Mom Coach

Mom Coach, Susan Morley, talks about ways to combat bullying and its effects on 'Atlanta & Company'

Parents, Teens, & SCREENS!

Parent Coach Atlanta, Susan Morley, talks about how those devices affect daily life, especially for our teens... on 'Atlanta & Company'

Deciding if a child needs therapy

Experts share signs to look for and when to seek help.

When Parents Disagree on Discipline

Good Cop vs. Bad Cop! Join our parenting Real Talk discussion on 'Atlanta & Company'

Is it OK to cry in front of your kids?

When you should show emotions in front of the kids.