How to Create a Healthy Phone Contract With Your Kids

Okay… So you got your kid a cell phone, or he got his own phone (yippee!)… Or the grandparents did… Or worse, your ex- did. In any case, your child is now a proud owner of a cell phone, and that’s a really big deal!

Now what?

Way back in 2012, I came across a (viral) HuffPost article, where the author, Janell Burley Hofmann, shared her contract with her son regarding “his” phone.

I liked a lot of the content in this contract. So much so that, in fact, I created my own amended version and have been sharing it with my clients ever since!

Here are the top three things I like about this phone contract (included below):

  • It’s a contract with sass – Teens will roll their eyes, which is good because that means they understand it.
  • It’s comprehensive – It covers just about everything (that I can think of, anyway).
  • It’s a conversation starter – Parents who use this should plan for an hour’s conversation (approximately) when reviewing this contract. It’ll be a perfect time to open up the lines of communication with your teen.


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