Accepting Gratitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and some of you accepted my NOvemberĀ Challenge. We had a good time, I don’t think anyone of us completed the challenge perfectly (thank goodness because we can look forward to doing it again next year), and we all learned at least one lesson.

Now for the next parenting tip just in time for Thanksgiving.





Not having it.

Not expressing it.

Accepting it.

One of the most valuable parenting tips I share with moms is to model the behavior you want your children to exhibit. And many moms (myself included) have a difficult time accepting others’ gratitude.

When someone says “Thanks for helping with the dishes.” or “Thanks for a delicious meal.” or “Thanks for taking care of JimBob for me.” Our response is usually to dismiss the sacrifice we made in order to help.

Okay, I know. “sacrifice” is a strong word. I used it on purpose.

Because when we care about others, when we make sacrifices for them, it doesn’tĀ feel like a sacrifice. It truly is a pleasure to help others in some way or another for most of us. And if we actually enjoyed what we did, we feel we deserve even less credit! We say things like:


But that is missing the bigger point. Someone wants to express their gratitude to you. And the best way to accept their gratitude is with a simple

with a warm smile.

Just take that in for a moment before you say anything else. Yeah, don’t be creepy about it, of course!

Once you begin this habit, you’ll see how good it feels to have a moment of connection with those people who truly appreciate you.

So, let me tell you, Dear Readers, thank you. I appreciate you for letting me in your inbox every week. And to my clients, thank you for the trust you give me and the incredible hope your children give me for our futures.

Happy Thanksgiving!
















Honestly, being a mom should be easier.

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